Best Computer System : Sony SRSBTX300 Speaker System

By | December 21, 2013
Sony SRSBTX300 Speaker System

Sony SRSBTX300 Speaker System

Sony SRSBTX300 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System Review

The Sony SRSBTX300 is a compact profile speakers system which delivers great sound quality. The design of Sony SRSBTX300 is very stylish. Thanks to the Bluetooth A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) technology, it’s easy to setup and enjoy the music and great digital sound.

Physical Aspects of Sony SRS-BTX300

Measuring 18 inches long and almost 5 pounds weight, it’s big enough. Though you might think this speakers system is too small to play a powerful enough sound because the picture on amazon. But it’s big indeed. The design make it easy to place it everywhere you want. I usually place it on the corner of my desk.When I was watching a movie or listening to a rock sound, it turn out the sound is very loud especially the powerful bass.

Ease of Use of Sony SRS-BTX300

Ease of use is really convenience. The power button is really solid and well constructed. To my consideration, it can use for more than two years at least. The bluetooth signal is strong enough. But as bluetooth technology, I couldn’t place the speakers system too far away from my laptop. When I test it as I place it in another room, it couldn’t catch the signal at all. The volume control wheel is accessible and usable.

Battery Life of Sony SRS-BTX300

For a full charge, the battery life can last long 8 hours. Although it was claimed as wireless, but it’s a need to charge it. So you have to charge it with a AC adapter. So you also have to deal with the wire. You can use it and play music at the same time.

Sound Quality of Sony SRS-BTX300

Sony SRS-BTX300 offer great sound. Crisp at high note and powerful bass.

Overall, Sony SRS-TBX300 is very great for out door use. If you are looking for a speakers system you can carry around while hiking or something others, you can really happy to pick up the Sony SRS-BTX300.

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