Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards 2014

By | December 12, 2013

With a good gaming keyboard, you can be better while you are playing games or otherwise. I have review many gaming keyboards and now I want to list the best top 5 gaming keyboards in 2104. If you are preparing to buy a gaming keyboard for WOW, LOL, Diablo 3 or Aircraft 2, consider one of those. Usually we don’t choose a wireless keyboard for gaming, because no matter how fast the wireless keyboard transfer data to PC is, it will be more or less lager than a wired keyboard. Even sometimes the laptop can’t receive the control signal of a wireless keyboard. So if you  are looking for a keyboard to play games, you had better choose a wired keyboard.

A gaming keyboard feature good feeling and there usually are some customizable keys on the keyboard. This feature make it convenience for gamers to type some function keys easier. And macro keys can even come in handy for work too, queuing tedious, oft-used tasks. The list below shows the top 5 best gaming keyboard in 2014. Each of them produced by different manufacturer, but every manufacturer is the giant in the gaming device industry. So don’t worry about the quality of these keyboard. What we care about is how it works and how it improve our experience in games and what new features it deliver.

1. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Thanks to the Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate deliver a noisy but satisfying and fantastic feedback of tactile experience. There are 5 customizable keys located at the right of the keyboard. Which are very convenience for touching. Mostly we play games with our right hand control the mouse and our left hand use the keyboard. So that is why the functional keys are located on the left side of the keyboard. The backlit green light make me very happy. I fell in love with the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate as soon as I received it from amazon.

2.Logitech G710+

Logitech G710+ is a black keyboard signed on the keys with ivory letters. Like Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, there are customizable keys located on the left side of the keyboard. But the Logitech has one more than the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. Yes, there are six customizable keys on the left side of the keyboard. The logitech G710+ is similar to Razer BlackWidow Ultimate but adds additional, dedicated keys for profile switching, media control. And there is a analog-style roller to control the volume. So to an extent, Logitech G710+ delivers more function than the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate and as you know Logitech is a good company in producing entertainment device. I list the Razer’s at first just because I like the Razer more than the Logitech G710+. You can make it yourself. After all, they are all good gaming keyboard.

3.Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7

As you see the price of S.T.R.I.K.E.7, you might yell out, OMG! What a money killer keyboard! Are you kidding me? But if you set your eyes on the feature list of S.T.R.I.K.E.7, you maybe stop thinking like this. customizable backlighting, unparalleled physical configuration options, a ridiculous number of programmable macro buttons, 2 USB ports and microphone/stereo pass through connectors. There is a touch-screen on the top of the keyboard as you can see in the picture. There are other features like you can set the cooldown times and you don’t have to worry about time flying. The price is high. But the feature is unlimited.

4.CM Storm Quickfire TK

The CM Storm Quickfire TK is a compact profile keyboard. It features optional blue backlight but there isn’t any customizable extra keys on the keyboard. The reason I list Quickfire TK in this list is it has mechanical keys backed by Cherry MX Blue switches. So like Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, you can feel the obvious feedback and comfortable experience while typing. Plus: the mechanical keys’ function is optional, you can switch it off whenever you want.

5.Roccat ISKU

The reason I list the Roccat ISKU is not it features 8 programmable keys or media control keys or easy lighting control. Though it deliver many high-end features, but the main reason I list it is without mechanical keys, you also feel good with it. The noise it a bit loud, but I like this because I enjoy the typing sound. Do you?

Overall, this article is for someone who want to buy a gaming keyboard. If you are a average user you really don’t need such keyboards. But if you are a gamer, choose one from these, you might feel better during games.

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